Ohjeet ja vinkit

1. Where can I find my invoice?

You can check your invoice and its due date and payment status at the Omat Sivut (My Pages) site under Laskuarkisto (Invoice Archive), where you can find you broadband and mobile phone invoices for at least the past 12 months. The service is automatically available to all consumer customers.

2. Why did I receive an invoice for a broadband subscription I had terminated?

Broadband subscriptions are invoiced for in arrears. The basic broadband charge (the monthly charge for the subscription) and any supplementary services are invoiced for in arrears so that any changes that may have been made to the subscription and that have an effect on the invoicing can be taken into account on the invoice. The monthly charge for January, for example, falls due in February.

3. What should I do to get more time to pay my invoice?

Usually this is possible. You can extend the term of payment easily at the Omat Sivut (My Pages) site on the Internet, by text message or by phone. You can choose to pay the invoice total in two instalments or postpone the due date of the whole invoice.

4. How can I terminate my subscription?

You can terminate your subscription by calling Sonera’s Customer Service.

Customer service numbers and opening hours

5. Where can I get the PUK code for my phone?

You can get the code at the Omat Sivut (My Pages) site under Liittymänhallinta (Subscription management), when you have ordered user IDs for the service and have logged in. Your Omat Sivut username is your mobile phone number. To get a password, send the text message SALASANA to 15400 (€0). You can also get the code by calling our Customer Service at 0200 17000 (mobile call charge / local network charge).

6. My Internet connection keeps breaking – what can I do?

If your Internet connection is slow or keeps breaking, there can be several reasons for this. Our Fault Service helps you when the reason for the problem lies in Sonera's services or networks. However, we recommend you to check at first whether information on the problem is available in the service fault notices (in Finnish only). Also check the settings and operation of your terminal device, as the problem and its solution are most often found there.

In the event of a fault situation, please proceed as follows:

1. Check the fault and service outage notices (in Finnish only).
2. Restart the devices and check their connections and settings.
3. If you are using a wireless connection (WLAN), test the connection by connecting a network cable between your modem and computer.
4. Contact our Fault Service from the site where the fault occurs, if possible.

You can isolate the fault easily by going through the following instructions:

The Internet connection is slow (in Finnish only)

7. How can I use my fixed-line broadband wirelessly?

By means of a wireless LAN (WLAN), it is easy to use devices connected to the Internet without cables and wires. When you set up a WLAN, we recommend you to make certain changes to the modem or base station settings, as a WLAN is usually open by default. This means that all traffic is transmitted unencrypted, and anyone, e.g. your neighbour, can access the WLAN.

Instructions for configuring WLAN settings (in Finnish only)

8. TV channels are unavailable. What can I do?

At first, turn off your set-top box and television. Check that all cables (e.g. SCART, antenna and power cable) are connected securely and properly. Then turn on the devices again. Restore the factory settings and do a new channel search. If you have ordered pay TV channels, make sure that the cable card has been inserted correctly in the set-top box.

Instructions in case of problems with Sonera Viihde (in Finnish only)

9. Where can I find the manual of Sonera Viihde?

You can find various instructions related to the use of Sonera Viihde at the Ohjeet ja vinkit (Help and Tips) site. To open the PDF manual easily, click here.